The pneumatically operated storage tanks are cylindrical in shape and are fabricated to fit for vertical installation.

The internal of the tank is designed such that material flows to the lower center and from which it is discharged.

In the vertical Hi-Volume tank there equipped are cone-shaped slope sheet and air slides, to which the slope sheet makes its vertical slope.

The angle of this slope sheet is steep enough so that the pulverized materials when aerated will flow by gravity onto the aeration slides which also slope down from the bottom of the cone slope sheet to the center of the bottom head.

Air from air compressor is introduced into the tank through the aeration unit fitted on the bottom of the tank.

The material in the bottom area is aerated, and in its fluidized condition, when it flows to the opening of the discharge line, which is situated approximately 80mm up from the bottom of the tank.

The pressure that has been build up in the tank before the discharge valve is opened is maintained by back pressure of material in the discharge line during discharge, forces the material to its destination.










                                                   HI-VOL TYPE


                                          HORIZONTAL TYPE




Safer and cleaner

The uni-tank is provided with an inside opening type of manhole, unless otherwise requested.


・When the bulk tank is being pressurized, the manhole cover can not be opened due to internal pressure.

・When the manhole cover is opened, or even after material discharge, powder material does not come out from the tank, as bulk material has never accumulated inside the manhole.

・Once locked, the manhole cover never closes of itself by any external power like pitching or rolling during cleaning or inspection of tank inside, due to the provision of lock-pin shown in the picture