In general, moisture condensation in the cement tanks on board is due to lack of dehumidification of bulk material during storage on shore.

Bulk material during storage on the shore involves a lot of moisture, in addition, when the material is transferred from shore facility to bulk tank on a supply boat, moisture in compressed air from the shore will be also absorbed by the material.
After filled in the cement tanks, a lot of moisture involved in the material shall condense in the tank due to the change of temperature of atmosphere.

Therefore, in principle, the shore facility must have some drying system for the storage tanks and air compressors on the shore must have enough capacity of air dryer, that is, the material filled in the bulk tank on board must be dried completely without moisture condensation.
If such dry bulk material is not available, the best solution is that the bulk tanks on board shall be equipped with the drying system for the material during storage.

After the material filled, it shall be being dehumidified in the tank until the material is discharged at drilling rig site.
One of the examples of such drying system is a heating system in the bulk tanks by hot dry air circulation after material filled.

The Unislip heating system provides an air heater completed with draft fan.
The air from the air heater is led to the air supply line to the bulk tanks.

Air temperature is controlled by the air heater up to max. 70 C degree (adjustable) and the operation is to be controlled automatically by “MIMIC” panel.
Once start/stop buttons on the panel are pressed, then the heating procedure can be monitored on the panel.

No more operation is required, except opening of vent valve manually on deck.
The heating system shall start heating the No. 1 tank for 20 minutes (It can be adjustable up to 60 minutes), then it is followed by next tank heating automatically until each tank has a temperature up to 50 C degree (adjustable) or the system is stopped by operator.
This is a quite simple system with easy installation, and it is maintenance free.
The required extra power is 10KW for the heating system.

If the heating system is installed together with air dryers, operators will not face the problem of wet material left behind the tank.



Less cleaning time, less wasting material and less material contamination shall be obtained.